Abraham was sought after by God. What was so special about Abraham initially? Nothing that mere human could see but everything in the eyes of God. It was by God’s divine grace that Abraham was chosen for a great work.

Do you know that God has a great work for you as well? I am too familiar with that. You see, 2 1/2 years ago when I was challenged to present on a topic that I had personal struggle with, I never realized that it was only the beginning of the work God had called me to, until last year when I started having a nagging urge to start a ministry on fear and faith. The nag continued until one night while in bed, the Spirit pushed me to get up and start a Facebook page and the title was given to me that very night, Releasing the Fear and Walking in Faith. In obedience, I got out of bed and started the page. I had no idea what I was doing but God knew exactly what He was doing. The Christian life is not knowing exactly what the future holds, but knowing Who holds the future.

God quickly revealed that beyond the work I was doing online in sharing scripture and testimonies of how God has worked in the lives of His faithful children, He wanted me to write a book in this area as well. After a short wrestle with God, I was reminded that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and so I set out on my journey to becoming a first-time author.

Just like Abraham had no tangible proof that a life of blessing was ahead of Him, I had no tangible proof either. Like Abraham, all I could rely on was God and His Word, which is truly a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. God’s Word is enough. God told Abraham to leave without knowing where He was going, and Abraham trusted God and obeyed. I am so happy today that I was obedient and continue to be obedient to God’s call.

Because of my experience and what I learned through writing the book, Releasing the Fear and Walking in Faith, when I was laid off from my job last November, it was clear that this was just part of my journey. God had prepared me for it and He knew I was ready to handle it. The Christian life grows over time and through testing and God is always there to help us stand the test. God’s Word is our compass and always points us in the right direction. His word also challenges us to walk by faith and not by sight.

Abraham’s life is one of true faith. By God’s grace, I choose to walk the walk of faith with Him as my guide, even and especially through this experience of no full-time income in my household. I know He has a great work for me and I am ready to walk the path He has ordained.

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